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This is a write-up for tryhackme room name UltraTech

Deploy machine and start scanning also check all the provided resources.

In main page you can see the image, download run exiftool and steghide by doing that we can find hidden “password.txt” file. cat the file and get the password.

okay now we have password just by looking around, we didn’t even initiate nmap scan on the target. lets go to scan


nmap -A -oN initial

it seem only 2 ports are running, a website is running in port 80 let’s take a look

in apache default web page we can notice some unusual thing, a image

you can clearly see image name “thm.jpg” we can download it


when we try to open file we cannot because its file type is “DATA” , so we need to use hexeditor and change the signature value, you can find some of signature value here

final result after editing

after changing signature when we open the image we can find this

okay now we found the hidden directory when we go to that directory there is web page.

this page requesting some kind of secret when we look into source we can notice it looking for number between “0-99” we can enter number manually or can use burp or we can automate with python. I’m not python expert but after some time searching, after lots of mistake i made working python script.

#!/usr/bin python3
import requests

c = 1
url = "" 

for i in range (0, 100):
        payload = (url) + str(c) 
        c += 1

        if str("That is wrong!") in str(r.text):

after we running this script we get the result which is:

i try to SSH log in with details we collected but it failed, when i try steghide “thm.jpg” image earlier it given a error because incorrect password, so we can try password we found in hidden directory to extract file from “thm.jpg” .

we get “hidden.txt” file, when we “cat” file we get this details also

username is encoded with ROT13 we can easily decode it.

now we have username and password now we can login with SSH

find a method to escalate privilege run this command

screen looks suspicious so google dork for some exploit will find this , all we need to do is upload is to /tmp folder of target machine and execute.

Finally Root.

Happy Hacking.

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