Attack & DefenseRed Team

Google Dorking

As a Pentester or Red Teamer we initially try to get Target information using Passive reconnaissance, Information we have increase the attack surface so this blog gives google search query to get more information.

  • Search for Keywords in page titles
  • Search for phrases in page titles
allintitle:get twitter followers
  • Search for keywords in blog post titles
  • Search for phrases in blog post titles
allinblogtitle:get twitter followers
  • Search for keywords in page text
  • Search for phrases in page text
allintext:ecommerce marketing tips
  • Search for exact matches
"social media posting schedule" infographic
  • Search for keywords in anchor texts
  • Search for phrases in anchor texts
allinanchor:snapchat marketing tips
  • Search for keywords in URLs
  • Search for phrases in URLs
allinurl:how to get more sales
  • Search for content by a certain author
allinpostauthor:neil patel
  • Search for words near each other
marketing AROUND(6) ecommerce
  • Search for phrases near each other
"content marketing" AROUND(8)" ecommerce strategies"
  • Search for synonyms
birthday party ~decor
  • Search for TLDs
site:ebay   /
  • Search for phone number
phonebook:patti smith
  • Search for movies
movie:wonder women
  • Search for specific types of domains
  • Search multiple specific types of domains
healthcare ( OR
  • Search hashtags
  • Search using a range of numbers
dell laptops $400..$600
  • Search within a date range (Convert date to Julian Date)
ecommerce strategies daterange:245875.43304-2457899.43304
  • Search a specific site how to boost ecommerce sales
  • Search related sites
  • Search maps
  • Get more information about a website
  • Get a definition
  • Exclude words
facebook marketing tips -hootsuite
  • Exclude multiple words
facebook marketing tips -hootsuite -bufferapp
  • Include words
email marketing platform reviews +experiture
  • Use an OR command
"content marketing" OR "social media marketing"
  • Alternative OR command
"content marketing" | "social media marketing"
  • Identify pages that aren’t secure -inurl:https
  • Identify unnecessary text files filetypes:txt -inurl:robots.txt
  • Narrow your search to specific location
vegan bakery loc:new york city
  • Track stocks
  • Search by File type
inbound marketing filetype:pdf
  • Search by Extension
inbound marketing ext:txt

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