EnPass – TryHackMe

Write-up for Tryhackme room En-Pass.

Difficulty Level – Medium

Nmap scan on machine IP

nmap -A -oN initial $IP

website hosted on port 8001, lets do more enumeration on that running gobuster on website.

gobuster dir -u http://$IP:8000 -w /path/to/wordlist -x php,txt,html -t 40

when i further look into “/zip” directory, i keep getting word “sadman” looks like it rabbit hole.

keep directory brute-force the web directory you eventually find this endpoint “/web/resources/infoseek/configure/key which have SSH key.

download the key, it is encrypted i use john to decrypt but no luck.

so we move to reg.php which we saw earlier.

looks like it need some data input I’m not developer don’t have much understanding about javascript but when we read through code can see, we cannot enter letters or numbers input data SUM should be “9” input should be separate by comma “,“. apart from these information i needed some help to understand.

after entering above string we get password, it can be the passphrase for the SSH key.

okay, now we have SSH private key, so i try to login with user “sadman” but it failed, so i moved on to 403.php.

if we can bypass 403 error we might get something from it so i used 403FUZZER.

it have some good features open burp-suit and send all fuzzer traffic through burp proxy so we can see process in details.

python3 -u http://$IP:8001/403.php -hc 404,403 -p http://localhost:8080

now we have a possible name and SSH private key, we can try to login with that.

Privilege Escalation

when we do basic enumeration we can see python script in “/opt” directory which run by root.

when we look for the file in /tmp we can’t find it. so run PSPY, find hidden proccess.

it execute file and delete it, so we can create file with same name and set SUID to “/bin/bash”.

first create file and add our payload.

!!python/object/apply:os.system ["chmod 4777 /bin/bash"]

save this file as any name, then we need to create loop which will replace original “file.yml” with our payload.

wait some time or till you get error then exit.

bash -p 

above command give root access since we set SUID to bash.


Happy Hacking!!!

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